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Our Gallery contains many pictures of some important events that enrich the cemetery's history. Please feel free to browse through and check back periodically for more updates.

Sisters of Mercy Anniversary

In 2008, the Sisters of Mercy celebrated 150 years of service to our community.

Fathers McDonald & Lyons Transfer

In October, 2007, the mortal remains of Saint Anne’s founding pastors were exhumed from aside the church and reburied here, among their flock.

Fathers McDonald & Lyons Recommittal Service

Later that month, Saint Anne’s pastor and a delegation of clergy, parishioners, Sisters of Mercy, Hibernians, and local dignitaries gathered to pay their respects.


With the striking light, snow and the grey sky, these shots are beautiful and serene. These shots were taken in February and March 2009.


Spring is often considered the most beautiful period of the year, with its refreshing, colorful, & vivid imagery.


A walk along our grounds reveals the local wildlife which can often be seen amongst our monuments.


The most beautiful time of the year in New England, the cemetery landscape revels in the autumn leaves.



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