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Saint Joseph Cemetery performs the Corporal Work of Mercy of burying the dead on behalf of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire. It is administered in his name by the pastor and people of Saint Joseph Cathedral Parish. Situated on 110 acres on two sites - the older in Manchester, the newer in Bedford - it has served the Catholic families of Manchester for over 160 years. Thanks to its founders’ foresight, the cemetery is blessed with abundant land and resources sufficient to last another 160 years.

Our cemetery serves many purposes. It gives families a place to grieve, preserves history, & lifts the spirits with its natural beauty. As a Catholic cemetery, it also serves three distinct purposes:
  • To call the Living to pray for the salvation - the eternal happiness of the Dead.

  • To sanctify the resting places of the faithful departed, who await the resurrection of their bodies and reunion with us in Christ Jesus.

  • To focus the hearts and minds of the Living on the Glory of God made manifest in the lives of those "who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith."

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